Whole Carpet

carpet intended to cover a floor entirely. Loop pile carpets are loops of yarn which creates a stylish finish with a durable, soft, smooth feel. This type of carpets have a range of distinctive patterns created by a combination of higher and lower loops while cut pile carpets are manufactured by cutting the yarn loops which produces an upright pile that has a more luxurious, formal look than loop pile. These carpets have a combination of cut and looped yarns and can create sculptured effects

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl planks are designed to resemble hardwood appearance. However, vinyl is the choice for those who want the look of hardwood without the additional cost. Vinyl also comes as tiles, planks and wall to wall sheets which are specially designed for hospitals and other institutions

Titaniumflooring solutions

Used titanium install of tile
Gorgeous finish
Loan lasting
For your house floor,staircase,wall,bathroomvanities and any other surface that is finished to gain a very attractive look
Many vanities of colors to choose from
Substitutethe tile with titaniumto save more than 40% of your money

Hard Wood flooring

Hardwood flooring is an attractive, durable option suitable for homes which provides a rich, brownish-red hue. Its prominent graining streaks give an appearance of motion to rooms, in which they are installed. Available in teak, rubber, cypress and kumbuk