Aluminium Partition

Our partitions are brought to you in a wide range of locally fabricated or imported systems and are customised to suit a variety of budgets, and finishes.These include full height partitioning for rooms & cubicles, semi enclosed medium height partitions and workstation or open plan partitions.

We also specialise in drywall partition systems for rooms that require the look of a plastered wall finish using a galvanized steel internal structure.

Aluminium partition systems have been designed to provide maximum flexibility, enabling architects,
builders and contractors to revolutionize tomorrow’s work place. Choose form a selection of modern and stylish designs to enhance aesthetics of your office or commercial area. Aluminium partition can be done in gypsum-glass, fabric-glass, full & half glass / fabric / gypsum

Tempered glass partition

Partitions can be made with tempered glass / glass fixed to an aluminium or stainless steel U channel frame with silicon butt-joints or 5mm / 6mm glass fixed to aluminium framework with rubber gaskets

Drywall partition

The system is made of durable galvanized iron structure using gypsum boards as surface material with no visible frame structure